Digital Nomad

By adopting amendments to the Law on Foreigners, Montenegro became one of the countries that defined the area of ​​digital nomads and thus regulated their position, with the aim of facilitating obtaining a permit for their stay in Montenegro. 

Digital nomads are, above all, freelancers whose nature of work allows them to work from home, i.e. from any point on the planet. Most digital nomads deal with modern IT jobs such as programming, and graphic design, but also numerous branches of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, community management, etc.

According to our law, a digital nomad is defined as a foreigner who is employed or performs work electronically for a foreign company or his own company that is not registered in Montenegro.

The legislator prescribed that a long-term visa (Visa D) be issued to a digital nomad who intends to stay in Montenegro for longer than 90 days, but not longer than 180 days in a period of one year, counting from the day of first entry. If a foreigner who has the status of a digital nomad establishes a company in Montenegro or registers as an entrepreneur, he loses the status of a digital nomad.

A temporary residence permit can be issued to a digital nomad who meets the legal requirements, and as proof of the justification of the request, it is necessary to attach an employment contract or other document proving that the foreigner performs work electronically for a foreign company or his own company that is not registered in Montenegro.

The permit is issued with a validity period of up to two years and can be extended for a maximum of two more years.

A digital nomad who has been granted temporary residence in Montenegro can be joined by immediate family members (spouses, their minor children, children of one of the spouses, and adopted children, up to the age of 18) for the purpose of family reunion.

If you are interested in obtaining a digital nomad permit in Montenegro, please contact us, and we will provide you with all the necessary documents for obtaining the permit and all other support so that your life and work in Montenegro can proceed smoothly.

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