Legal Services

A challenging business environment requires keeping up with the changes around us, and we offer you support regarding the legal services that your company needs, making it easier for you to organize your time, which has become the most valuable resource nowadays.

Our legal team offers services that accompany the establishment of your company, obtaining all necessary permits from authorities, status changes, as well as the field of employment, with support in the drafting of contracts and other legal acts.

Whether you are staying in Montenegro as a digital nomad or you need a work and residence permit for yourself as well as a residence permit for your family members, or you want to invest money in

Montenegro and get economic citizenship, you just need to contact us and we will help you in exercising your rights before the state institutions of Montenegro.




Company registration

  • Preparation of documentation necessary for establishing a company
  • Support during registration in all competent state institutions
  • Support in the process after company registration (accounting services, making seals, opening a bank account, etc.)
  • Preparation of documentation regarding status changes in the company
  • Legal services upon termination of a legal entity (liquidation/bankruptcy).


Labor law:

  • Preparation of documentation for establishing an employment relationship
  • Support when registering employees with competent institutions
  • Preparation of documentation during the duration of the employment relationship of the employees (extension of the employment relationship, annual leave, sick leave, changes to the provisions of the employment contract, as well as other changes during the duration of the employment relationship)
  • Support in obtaining work and residence permits for foreigners
  • Preparation of documentation for the termination of the employment relationship and support for the deregistration of employees at the competent institutions
  • Preparation of legal documents in the field of labor relations (systematisation of workplaces, regulations, etc.)
  • Human resources (HR): support in selecting the right candidates for employment, testing during employment, preparation of documentation for publication of advertisements on all employment platforms, consulting regarding labor relations


Other Legal Services:

  • Dafting various types of contracts and legal acts
  • Support in public procurement procedures
  • Support in executive proceedings, proceedings before courts and state authorities
  • Support during registration or extension of registration for vehicles of legal entity and for individuals, obtaining a green card etc.
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I wanted to open a company in Montenegro but didn’t know anything about the process. Thankfully, my friend recommended Montenegroaccounting company. They took care of everything with ease and after only seven days I was the proud owner of a Montenegrin company. The best part, I did not have to be present physically.

Aisha Rasheed
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