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Real Estate Investment

In case you want to become a proud owner of a Real estate property in Montenegro, our legal team can help you with all technicalities regarding making a purchasing contract, attorney seal, communication with Government officials, etc. so you can enjoy your property as soon as you make your purchase decision.

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Co-working Space

In a time of global energetic crises, it seems a very smart decision to move south- to the Mediterranean coast with sunny and nice weather which lasts during the winter months and drastically reduce your energy bill and cost of living.

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IT Support

Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.

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Economic Citizenship

Foreign nationals are enabled to acquire Montenegrin citizenship under special conditions, namely through Economic Citizenship, which implies that a person should invest capital in Montenegro by establishing a business company to carry out economic activities…

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Legal Services

A challenging business environment requires keeping up with the changes around us, and we offer you support regarding the legal services that your company needs, making it easier for you to organize your time, which has become a luxury nowadays.

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Accounting Services

Our company specializes in accounting and legal services. We can offer you a wide range of professional accounting services from monthly payroll services to balance sheet, tax filing, and auditing support.

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Administration Services

You are a foreigner looking for a possibility to open a company in Montenegro, purchase real estate, or simply invest in some kind of big development on Adriatic cost. Administration services can often be a nightmare even in your own country let alone in a new country with different legislation.

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Work & Residence Permits

We all know how difficult it can be for a foreigner to get all the right information when it comes to obtaining a work and residence permit in Montenegro, that’s why we are the right place for you so that the process of obtaining the permit can be simple, fast and reliable.

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Company Registration

Have you chosen Montenegro as a home for your business? Do you want to open a company in Montenegro but don’t know where to start? You are on the right track. Our specialized team of professionals will help you out.

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Digital Nomads

By adopting amendments to the Law on Foreigners, Montenegro became one of the countries that defined the area of digital nomads and thus regulated their position, with the aim of facilitating obtaining a permit for their stay in Montenegro for up to two years.

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Car Rental and other Car Related Services

Our rental car sister company continues its decade-long operations. Discovering every nook and cranny of Montenegro has never been this easy…

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