Company Registration

Company Registration

You have chosen Montenegro as a home for your business? You want to open a company in Montenegro but don’t know where to start? You are on the right track. Our specialise team of professionals will help you out.

Establishing and registering a company in Montenegro is a simple and quick process, which takes place in several stages, during which our legal team will provide you with all the right information that are necessary to establish your company. When establishing a company, it is not necessary for you to be present in Montenegro, but you can authorise us to do it on your behalf, and we are here to explain the procedure in detail, step by step.

In the process of establishing a company, first step is choosing the company name with prior check up whether that name is available in the database of the Central Register of Business Entities of Montenegro. There is also the possibility of reserving the desired company name.

When it comes to establishing a company, our legal team will prepare all the necessary documentation, in consultation with you, so that the company is established in accordance with your affinities.

After preparing the necessary documentation for the establishment of the company, the registration procedure before the Central Register of Business Entities of Montenegro follows, in which you do not have to be present, but by giving us the authorization, we do it for you and submit the application with accompanying documentation and fees. The time required to establish a company is a maximum of 7 business days.

Also, after the company is established and registered, we provide support in all the steps that follow, which are related to making a seal, opening a bank account, bookkeeping services, etc. In the long term, we are there for all status changes in your company, and you can go through any process with us simply and reliably.


To help you understand the process of opening a company in Montenegro, here is a brief description of the steps in establishing and registering a company:

  • Preparation of documentation necessary for establishing a company
  • Support during registration in all competent state institutions
  • Support in the process after company registration (bookkeeping services, making seals, opening a bank account, etc.)
  • Preparation of documentation regarding status changes in the company
  • Legal services upon termination of a legal entity (liquidation/bankruptcy).

The payment system in Montenegro operates in the EURO currency, which was introduced in 2001 and which contributes to the stability and security of monetary transactions carried out within Montenegro, as well as internationally. It is the basis for attracting foreign investors to Montenegro, as well as an incentive for Montenegro’s path to admission to the European Union.

Taxes in Montenegro are regulated as follows:

Corporate income tax – Corporate income tax rates are 9%, 12% and 15%. Corporate income tax is calculated and paid once a year.

A corporate tax payer is a resident or non-resident legal entity that performs activities for the purpose of obtaining profit. A resident legal entity is an entity established in Montenegro or having its seat of actual administration and control on the territory of Montenegro. A non-resident legal entity is a entity that is not established in Montenegro and does not have its seat of actual management and control in Montenegro, and that conducts its business through a permanent business unit.

The subject of resident taxation is the profit made by the resident in Montenegro and outside Montenegro. The subject of non-resident taxation is the profit that the non-resident achieves in Montenegro.

VAT is calculated and paid at a general rate of 21%, except for trade of products, services and import of products for which it is determined that VAT is paid at a reduced rate of 7%, as well as on trade of products, services and import of products for which a zero (0) rate of VAT is determined.

The subject of VAT taxation is:

  1. Trade of products and services that the taxpayer performs for a fee as part of his activity.
  2. Import of products into the Montenegro.

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I wanted to open a company in Montenegro but didn’t know anything about the process. Thankfully, my friend recommended Montenegroaccounting company. They took care of everything with ease and after only seven days I was the proud owner of a Montenegrin company. The best part, I did not have to be present physically.Aisha Rasheed

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