Soon specific tourist offers for Digital Nomads and “Energy” tourists

Representatives of the tourism industry and institutions will form a working group that will formulate a special part of the tourism offer of Montenegro in order to attract more and more “energetic” tourists and digital nomads from Central and Western Europe.

This was agreed at a meeting organized by the Council of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montenegro.

According to him, advertising activities are currently focused on Central and Western Europe, and the tendency for tourists to stay in our country due to the energy crisis is a later trend.

“Responsible travel destinations started thinking about this a few weeks ago and there is really a lot of potential,” Gardashevich Slavulitsa said, noting that it all started in the UK, where officials have urged their citizens to spend the winter outside as their living costs would be lower and in order to suppress energy consumption in their country.

According to her, this category of tourists has been called “energy tourists” – and in the coming period, we must focus on this target group and direct promotion at fairs in this direction.

“We can be the Canary Islands for tourists from Scandinavia, the UK and Germany, and package deals need to be concluded as soon as possible as a long-term home for this target group,” Slavulica said.

The future working group will include hoteliers, travel agencies, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, the National Tourism Organization, the national airline Air Montenegro, the airport of Montenegro and other interested parties.

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